Sunday, January 07, 2007
Dakota Cassidy's Accidental Werewolf Blurb
So my pal, Dakota, owner of a shiny new deal with Berkeley, has posted a blurb of her first release - The Accidental Werewolf- on her blog.

I've read the proposal. I've offered some small bits of possibly useless feedback. I'll tell you, though, my usual reaction to synopses (using them to cure really stubborn insomnia - especially my own synopses attempts) didn't happen with this one. It cracked me up.

You should take a look at the blurb here.

(I edited this to put the right title in cause, well, I am lame.)


  1. Oh, honey, thank you! And that was for the Accidental werewolf. LOLLOL

    The vamp has but one page of wordage :)

    you da bomb, babe :)

    DC :)

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