Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Struck by Insanity
I have been struck by insanity. I'm convinced of it.

(Are you still insane if you realize it?)

I'm getting ready to install Office 2007 and (maybe) Vista on my writing laptop. I really do want to get more used to it since I use it at work now and I'm one of those people who has trouble switching back and forth easily.

We'll see how it goes.

I already know that attempting to download the 388mb installer file onto the writing laptop while C plays City of Comics (City of Heroes/City of Villains) and I play World of Warcrack isn't a terrifically successful idea. Several times the download has mysteriously stopped partway through and had to be started over. So I'm blogging and blog hopping instead in hopes that this time it might actually finish.

We'll see.......

If you find me tearing my hair out or receive a plea to spring me from lockdown, you'll know what happened.


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