Saturday, February 10, 2007
We Torture Cats
One of our cats, Harley, has never liked the idea of being locked in a cat carrier, let alone taking a trip in the car. But the poor guy has been licking himself raw in patches and really needed to take a trip to the evil V.E.T.

C got the task of taking him, thankfully, since I took the last trip and because C is really nice about it in general. At the same time C is packing up him, I'm trotting M around for new shoes and to get a present for a birthday party he was going to the next day. My cell phone rings and I see it's C but when I answer, he says "Harley has words to say to you!" and holds the phone out so I can clearly hear the yodeling the cat is doing.

Not merely meowing, noooo. The cat is absolutely yodeling worthy of an alpine native. At a volume I would have thought impossible for a 12 pound cat.

C says he yodeled all the way there, in the waiting room and all the way home. Nonstop.

When the got home, Harley bolted off as soon as we dosed him with his antibiotics. Later he came running to me when I was upstairs alone and you could almost here him thinking "Do you KNOW what they did to me?!?!"

Poor guy. Hopefully the cortisone shot will make his skin stop itching so he'll let the scabs heal.


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