Saturday, March 17, 2007
Meeps and the Soft Paws
Well, I stayed home from work yesterday since I woke up with the stress migraine to beat the band. It's generally a bad idea to try to drive when you can't see out of one eye.

After hours of darkness and drugs, I got to the point where I was semi-functional and as C was home (a whole 'nother story), we decided to inflict the SoftPaws on Mistress Meeps.

Meeps is a not quite eight lb short hair black cat who is definitely the Queen Diva of the house. But she's our worst resident woodworker as well. C and I were both really tired of having the door trim, bannister, bookcase. etc shredded to splinters. But I'm morally opposed to declawing - so on my mother's advice, I decided to try the SoftPaw claw covers and ordered them in Princess Pink for Meeps and a nice blue for Harley (who has not yet been victimized).

After getting the various things we would need on the bed, I managed to capture and scruff Meeps. She was immediately unhappy but had no idea just what she was in for! A regular claw trimming she takes with disdain and constant squirming but this was just .... wrong!

After trimming her nails, C proceeded to clean them with alcohol and then put glue in the nail caps and started applying them. She tried to turn into Dervish Kitty until I wrapped a towel around her back legs, then she quivered and mewed pitifully in between attempts to flee.

Finally done, we carried her downstairs for some squishy food (to both reward her and distract her from chewing at the nail caps immediately).

She won't come near C at all and finally deigned to try to sweet talk me into her morning squishy food this morning and the caps appear to still be in place.

Last night I laughed myself silly when she tried to sharpen her claws on the tall cat tree and kept glaring at me across the room. Good things looks can't really kill.....

No blood was shed, at least. We'll have to see if Harley does as well.


  1. LOL

  2. Sorry about your headache, Maura.

    Maybe a new book would help. *hug*

    (told you I'd tell ya personally!!!)

  3. Has Meeps found any forgiveness for you and C yet? Just wait, Harley is coming. lol

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