Sunday, March 11, 2007
A New Family Member
After C's Mazda MX-3 met up with a flatbed semi in an unfortunate parting of the ways between the car's body and a good portion of the front bumper, C has been pretty bummed out. His original intention had been to repair the MX-3 (into which we've already put more money than we will ever see back out of it) and toward that end we had already obtained an after market set of body kit pieces for it and put a deposit on a set of special door hinges.

But after C visited multiple body shops in the area, we discovered that the amount of damage done was much more extensive than we had first realized and it was going to be many thousands of dollars to put it right.

Much pain and heartache later, C started shopping for a replacement car. I made him go out on his own to narrow it down because I HATE shopping and shopping with C is worse. I'm one of those people who know what they want and just want to go in and buy it. But C likes to explore all his options in great detail and, since this will be HIS car, he needed to settle on something HE would be happy with.

He was out after work on Friday and pretty much all day Saturday and decided on a Mazda 3 sport, Grand Touring, in a really nice color called Phantom Blue Mica. Today we went out with all three of us for a ride in both the manual and automatic versions and he settled on a manual and we bought it. The dealer had to buy it from another dealer so we'll pick it up tomorrow.

Now I have a huge case of new car envy. I'm driving a 1999 Mazda Protege which isn't bad but I'd love a new car too. So my challenge to myself (the queen of fiscal irresponsibility) is to save the equivalent to what my car payment would be each month for the next year and use that for a down payment on a new car for me. The hatchback version of that same car in a Phantom Purple Mica is really looking lovely to me!!


  1. Good luck with the saving :)

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