Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Lessons Learned Today
1) Rejection sucks - big time.
It's not like it was the last agent on earth or this is the only book I have planned but it still sucks. Now I knew that when I received rejections on my fiction, it would hurt more than my non-fiction rejections did.

In non-fiction I had two things on my side. One was that I had an agent between me and the rejections so I didn't have to actually SEE them. The second was that it wasn't as important to me. Really.

So today's agent rejection gave me a taste for how it can go for me - and it was a very nice rejection that the agent basically liked the idea but wasn't in love with it. I don't have a problem with it because I do want an agent who really likes my work.

2) Heartburn sucks too
Trying to assuage my sudden confidence drop via Ben & Jerry was NOT a great idea. All I got was a bad case of heartburn and now felt bad physically in addition to mentally. Next time, no ice cream.

3) Sending out more queries is good
I went through my list of agents I'd love to be accepted by and sent out some more queries. This did make me feel better. Well, this and some Tums.

4) Friends are priceless
Who can ever do without friends who listen to you whine and angst, somehow resist the urge to tell you to get a grip and STFU already, and instead pat you on the shoulder and tell you that things will be okay. I love my friends!

5) C is a champ
I sent the rejection email to C and he was a champ. He didn't tell me to get a bleeping grip but instead tried to talk some logic to me. Not bad when some husbands aren't even supportive at all!

So I gave myself today as my promised Pity Party but it's back to work now - I have revisions to finish so I can get this thing to my test readers. Before they kill me.


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