Thursday, April 12, 2007
Pardon the Silence
It's been one heck of a week at the DDJ (Dreaded Day Job). I'm working on getting a release tested in order to deploy it on Monday and it's been just insane - not because the release is particularly bad but because it's been the release of a million distractions and randomizing events.

This includes events at the DDJ itself (this happens in a software company and is somewhat expected but they don't typically cluster themselves quite so tightly), to daycare issues, to shattering another tooth, to my now-6-year-old's birthday, to Easter, etc. Just a lot of things that needed attention in a very short period of time.

This weekend we're off to visit C's parents with the Morganator and I hope I'll have some writing time in there to revise a story that an editor wanted expanded. I'm taking the laptop with me anyway. Then next week will be deploying this software release at the DDJ as well as planning and packing for RT. Then the week at RT where I don't REALLY expect to get much writing done. Then back to collapse for a day before returning to who knows what at the DDJ.

April appears to have already gone.... WOW...


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