Monday, April 16, 2007
What a Week!
Well, it's only Monday but between the DDJ's trials and tribulations and the rejection I got today, it sure feels like a week.


On the good side, I think we managed to find and kill a bug that has been very elusive to date and really causing some havoc. It took the efforts of multiple people and a lot of hours chasing down clue after clue, most of which seemed to lead to a dead end. Nothing is quite so frustrating as a bug that you can't zero in on. And not much is quite as satisfying as finally finding one of these and FIXING it. I almost did a happy dance for a little while there :)

On the other hand, C called me to let me know that I'd received a letter I'd been waiting for. Unfortunately it didn't contain the words I'd wanted. It was a very nice rejection instead.

So from the heights of conquering an elusive bug to the depths of rejection - all in about 2 hours.

And I never was all that fond of roller-coasters.


  1. *hugs*

  2. So close! So freakin' close!

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