Sunday, May 20, 2007
C Made Me Cry
When I got the news on Thursday that I'd sold my first fiction story, C was at the Mariners' game and I waited until he got home to tell him. I kept staring at the email in awe.....

When I told him, he was very excited for me and we danced around for a while.

But the next day, I was on the way to work when I got a call from Yasmine Galenorn, my friend and mentor, to say I needed to check my email when I got to the office. Honestly, I wasn't sure what had happened - I was afraid her older kitty had died or some catastrophe had hit.

Instead I had a lovely congratulatory email and an invite to join the Witchy Chicks blog. I almost cried. Instead I called her back and she told me that C had been sending out mail to brag that I had done it.....

I did cry then.

Not only was C happy for me, he was completely cheering me on with people he didn't know, totally on his own and without even letting on to me!

How cool is that???


  1. heh What can I say, I wanted to kinda suprise her. and I knew that there were a bunch of other blogging/authors who were also pulling for her.. So I looked at folks who had commented here, and/or tagged her for various questionares and such, and tried to send them mail. Bit of a trick actually since finding email addresses for folks can require a bit of digging.. Never did find a way to send mail to Morgan Hawke, or I'd have told her too...

  2. That was a wonderful thing to do C. She almost started crying again when she told me what you did over the weekend.

    Once again, congratulations Maura.


  3. And of course, I had to tell her--you know us, get us together and Maura and I run on and on...and on...and on....


    Yazza -still thinks you're a good husband, C-

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