Monday, May 28, 2007
Morganator Knows Me Too Well
C is off to play with "the gaming boys" for the day so Morganator and I are home together. He's been happily playing in the nicer weather today so I've been sitting on the couch with my writing laptop, typing away.

I tend to get a bit ... caught up... when I'm really into the writing.

Morganator comes in and sees me writing and notices that I have bare feet. Now I usually have on socks or my house boots because my feet get very cold but, in this case, I've been too distracted to bother. Doesn't matter anyway - I stopped feeling my feet a few hours ago....

Keep in mind that he's only six.

He walks over to me, bends over and feels my feet. "Mom, your feet are freezing. You know you're supposed to keep something on your feet!"

He then proceeded to pick up one of the throws we have on the sofa and stands in front of me until I give up on the idea that he'll just go away and look at him. "Pick up the 'puter, Mom." The exasperated tone is especially hilarious coming from him.

I lift the laptop's tray and he carefully tucks the throw onto my lap and over my feet.

After I set the tray back down he gave me a look of true disgust and went back to playing.

He'll either make some woman a great husband or he'll be the death of me....


  1. LMAO! A 6 y/o? That's fab!

  2. LMAO ... That is TOO funny !

  3. LMAO! *g* way cute

  4. Go Morgan. lol He knows his Mom well.

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