Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Writing Update

Maybe a status post is in order (i.e. it might keep me on track):

  • Raven's White Hart - currently out to agents and two publishers
  • Tort & Retort - finalizing expansion to resub to editor that requested it
  • Texas Tea - proposal out to publisher

The ToDo list is currently:

  • Raven's White Hart - finish the pronoun fixes and resend to test readers as final
  • Tort & Retort - finish expansion and resub as well as resend to test readers
  • Hacking Immortality - write synopsis and story for Brava Novella contest
  • Eyes of Jade - write proposal and sub to publisher

And that's just the active ToDo. The muse has a lot of other stories waiting in the wings.....

I need a clone.


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