Thursday, June 21, 2007
When Hints Go Astray
A few days ago I was in the kitchen looking for a piece of mail I thought I'd left in there and I (for once) looked up to see that an ad for a 16 year old Scotch was stuck on the range hood with magnets.

Now, I knew it wan probably from C because 1) he's the Scotch drinker and 2) it was just after Father's Day. But I was a bit concerned about how long it might have been there. Was this a long ignored birthday hint? An only slightly late Father's Day hint? A hint for the future?

But on the range hood? I rarely cook and, as I have previously posted about, am often quite oblivious.

C called me for another reason and I asked him if this was a hint. His words "Not a very good one."

But he did admit that it had only been up there for a few days so it wasn't as terminally stale as it could have been. Since I was picking M up that evening, I guiltily took the (too subtle) hint and bought him that Scotch and another besides. It was even on sale!

But, really, who in their right mind would leave me a hint like that??? Now if he'd stuffed it into my laptop, taped it across my monitor, even taped it to my steering wheel - that had a hope of being noticed. This was far too subtle for someone who forgets where she put food only a few minutes previously.....


  1. LOL

    And he's been married to you for how long? He should know how to make better hints (for example saying, Hey Maura I'd really like this for a gift please please please)

  2. LOL -- I have tried "subtle" hints in the past, now I just tell him what I want or have him bring me to pick out my gift. Thus, both of us are happy. :-)

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