Thursday, August 16, 2007
Texas Tea Releases Tomorrow! (Adult Excerpt)
I'm so excited. Texas Tea releases tomorrow and I have another piece of good news that I'm waiting for a last piece to be tied down before I shared it.

You can find another excerpt and the buy link on my website.

In the meantime, here's another excerpt of Texas Tea for you to enjoy.....

He knelt in front of Lara and untied her hiking boots. The tight double-knots took some work to undo before he could loosen the laces and tug the boots off. Despite the mess in the room, his own time in the military had instilled some habits in him that he’d never broken and he almost laughed at himself when he realized he’d placed the two boots neatly side-by-side, perfectly lined up with the laces folded up and tucked inside.

When he tugged off her boot socks, he was treated to a surprise¾the woman who dressed in bulky unfeminine clothing had bright fuchsia pink toenail polish on. He carefully examined her narrow feet and dainty toes for any signs of foot problems or blisters, trying to ignore the fact that even her feet were sexy.

Her feet seemed in good shape, though he had to resist nipping one.

She wasn’t going to sleep very comfortably in all her clothes. He wanted her to get as much rest as possible so he should change her into her pajamas or whatever she wore as night clothes. She had to have brought them with her.

A short search later and he’d discovered no trace of nightclothes. Apparently Lara slept in the nude. The mental image of her covered only by a sheet was amazing, not that he could allow himself to contemplate that image for long.

She also seemed to have a liking for sexy, lacy and skimpy lingerie. The underwear and bras he’d found while looking for pajamas looked like they belonged to a completely different person from the one that owned the ugly cargo pants, thermal knit shirts and flannel barn coats. He couldn’t think of two styles that could be more different. She had some secrets just under her clothes.

But if she normally slept naked, she definitely wouldn’t sleep well in all her clothes. He had to undress her so she could sleep properly and be rested for tomorrow. The excuse sounded thin, even to him. Coyote yipped in mockery, as close to a laugh as he got.

Standing beside the bed, he pulled her thermal knit shirt up and over her head, then extracted her arms from the long sleeves. Just awake enough to realize she was being undressed, Lara tried to help but only succeeded in hitting him in the head with one flailing arm.

After his eyes uncrossed from the blow, he saw that she was indeed wearing a bright celery green lace bra with black trim. The bra lovingly clasped her lush breasts, enhancing her considerable cleavage. Her dusky nipples were visible through the elegant lace, almost more decoration than mere functional garment.

A few nudges and he succeeded in getting her to turn onto her side so he could undo the back clasp of the bra and tug it off. Thank the ancestors that he had a moment to try to calm himself before having to resist her luscious breasts in all their bare glory.

He resolutely reached over her hip and unfastened her loose cargo pants. A few tugs and the pants were pulled off her hips to reveal the second half of his self-induced torment--a thin, lacy green thong that matched the bra. The deep breath he took to steel himself to resist the temptation she embodied backfired when he inhaled the scent of musky, damp pussy.

He was in trouble now, major trouble.

Considerable willpower was needed to move her fully up onto the bed and tuck her under the covers of the bed. He couldn’t bring himself to actually remove her panties. He didn’t think he could do that and still resist taking her right then and there.

He neatly folded her clothes and left them beside the hiking boots, then cleared the various documents and computer off the bed. She’d locked the laptop to the heavy wooden bed frame, so the best he could do was to place it carefully on the floor, leaned up on the wall so it wouldn’t be accidentally stepped on.

Lara probably wouldn’t remember that he was going to pick her up tomorrow. If she did, it would be darned near a miracle. He should leave a note so she’d know for sure. Remembering seeing notepads and pens on the coffee table, he returned to the living room to write a note.

How to make sure she saw it... Ah. The perfect solution was the most obvious--he propped it up on top of the camera bag with Lara’s name on the front. He placed the cottage keys there as well.

He checked her again to make sure she was okay. The phone on the bedside table had a phone number taped to it for incoming calls and he took a moment to program the number into his cell phone before turning his attention back to Lara.

Tucking the covers a little higher on her shoulders, he bent over to give her a gentle kiss. She whimpered as his lips met hers and her dainty tongue traced over his lips until he found the strength to pull away.

He really, really needed that run now.


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