Thursday, October 25, 2007
Del Fantasma: Texas Tea Gets 4.5 Hearts from TRS
I just got a copy of The Romance Studio's review of Del Fantasma: Texas Tea.

4 1/2 hearts from Wanda Maynard!

She says (in part):

"Such a gratifying work of art, Maura Anderson formulated. Through her imagination and ability to create such striking images, she tied together into a beautiful bound package, a twist of doubt, along with a modest amount of romance, which turned out to be a pleasantly puzzling story. Just enough to leave this reader wanting more. This awesome page turner, with its fast moving plot and memorable characters, gripped me with tantalizing suspense. There were no sudden jerks or jolting parts to slow the action down. Matthew, and the manner in which he was brought up, had qualities of gentlemanly and lovable attributes. That showed me he appreciated his mother, in view of the way he showed respect for women. He didn’t try to control. That surprisingly touched my heart. Will Lara become too involved with Matthew and try to transform him to a wilder side? Or will the two drift away from each other once the truth is known? I had to find out, and so will you. I highly recommend this impressive read."

You can read the entire review on TRS's site.

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  1. Congratulations Maura :) It's a well deserved rating!

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