Thursday, November 08, 2007
Friday Flash
Friday Flash Fiction

(c) 2007 by Maura Anderson

(Edited to change a name. Apologies to the person offended/hurt.)

“Let me get this straight. You have, without my permission, without even telling me until now, set me up on a blind date with a fairy?”

By the time she’d spat out the last word, Lucynda's voice was almost a screech. She winced and glanced around the coffee shop, then spoke more quietly. “What the hell possessed you? You know I don’t date anything that isn’t human. Fully human.”

Unperturbed by her best friend’s protests, Kelly continued to eat her salad. When Lucynda finally had to pause to take a breath, she glanced up. Her lips curled in a secretive smile and she gestured with her fork. “I told you, Valandil is an elf, not a fairy. And he’s a friend of Iulian’s.”

“I don’t care if your vampire boyfriend recommends him, I am not going on a date with a fairy.”

This time Lucynda managed to respond in a low hiss, no doubt disappointing the nearby couple that seemed determined to eavesdrop.

Kelly didn’t reply, merely smiled and went back to her salad while Lucynda ranted away.

“You aren’t listening to me.”

Lucynda shoved her shoulder-length brown hair behind her ears and rubbed her temples. A date was the last thing she needed at the moment, especially one with some strange fairy creature. Hell, she probably couldn’t deal with human man right now.

After pushing her salad plate away, Kelly took her time wiping her lips. Finally, she neatly folded her napkin again and looked up at Lucynda. “Look, you need this. You need a date with someone who can put up with your attitude and not want to kill you in the first half hour. You need a date with someone who just wants to get into your pants, not have some philosophical conversation about art or music.

She chuckled. “Maybe you’ll even get a nice hard fuck out of it.”

Lucynda started to speak but Kelly’s steady gaze made her swallow the protest. She was right. Lucynda had been consorting with her vibrator for so long anything self-heating would be an improvement. A real cock would be a delight. Her pussy clenched at just the thought.

Humans only. I swore that I wouldn’t fuck any more non-humans. Humans only.

“He’s a fairy, Kell. He’s probably two feet tall and dressed in leaves or something. I’d be better off with a few fingers and a really hot story.”

Lucynda unclenched her fingers from the edge of the table, one at a time. Ice tinkled in her water glass as she picked it up with a now shaking hand and took a sip.

“You shouldn’t call him that in person. He’s an elf and quite proud of the fact. And he’s a lot taller than two feet, according to Iulian.”

Kelly looked around and waved an arm, apparently to someone behind Lucynda.

“Call off the date. Make your liquid diet boyfriend call it off. I’m not going. Period.”

The waitress dropped the check off on the table and Kelly snatched it up with one hand and grabbed her purse with the other. The chair rasped as she slid it back from the table and hopped to her feet. “Umm. Your date is right now. Here he comes. “

Shock froze Lucynda with her mouth wide open. “But… Now?”

“I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Moving faster than seemed possible in her high-heel boots, Kelly headed for the register.

If Lucynda ran now, she might make her escape, at least before Valandil got to her table. But before she could do more than think about it, he was there.

Almost six feet tall, he clearly was no fairy. At least no fairy she’d ever heard of. Long silver hair trailed down his back in a neat ponytail. The slicked back hair revealed ears that were gracefully arched and pointed but whose lobes were pierced through with heavy silver spirals. Pale skin, almost opalescent, covered an elegant bone structure with high cheekbones and lips quirked in a sarcastic smile.

Irresistably drawn, she looked up into eyes so blue they seemed indigo.

“Lovely human, I am most certainly not a fairy.”

Belying his fairness, his voice was a rich baritone tinged with an accent she couldn’t place. He lifted one of her hands in his own.

Lucynda didn’t resist, enthralled at the mere sight of him.

He pressed her hand firmly to the huge hard bulge tenting the front of his leather pants. “For one thing, I am much better hung.”



  1. Ack! This is a story in the works, right?

    Why do you always come up with the coolest stuff? Huh? Can you rub on me so I can borrow some of your mojo?

  2. I LOVE IT

    so fun, especially the last line.

  3. Loved the story and you win Maura on who would say it first. LOL

    Hmm, who knew that fairy's weren't hung as well as others in the realm.

  4. *giggles hysterically*

  5. LOL - My muse has a field day with me.

    My husband told me I needed to put a spew alert on this one.

    I love the brainstorming, Celia! I even get other authors in trouble with the dreaded "What If"

    Jo - you should have known better than to make any bets. And size is, after all, relative.....

  6. C was right - It should have a spew alert on it. However I waited for my coffee until AFTER I read it.

    I know, no more innocent questions and bets with you. LOL

  7. It worked! And, hey, baritone elves sound fairy--I mean, very nice.


  8. Veerrrrry nice, lady. You had me rolling. You're CRAZY if you think you can't do comedy. OMG> I was dying. Lucynda's a lucky lady to be getting that yummy

  9. sweet stuff !it caught my full attention in a very few words.
    and thank god someone is giving
    'fairies' some real qualities ...
    we do alot more than sprinkle that
    stardust and pollinate flowers...
    oh yeah baby...

  10. LOL - Thanks for the comments.

    jk - glad you liked it - 'fairies' are very multi-talented!

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