Thursday, December 27, 2007
Ecataromance gives Del Fantasma: Texas Tea 4 Stars!
Del Fantasma: Texas Tea

Sheryl at Ecataromance says this about Del Fantasma: Texas Tea (in part):

Del Fantasma: Texas Tea by Maura Anderson is a riveting tale of the supernatural and also of paranormal creatures. Having read the previous books from the Del Fantasma series this one slots in very nicely amongst them all. I really enjoyed the quirky nature of Texas, and the knowledge that in some way Lara would change his life. I also loved Lara, because she not only fulfilled a promise that had taken years to complete but also because she recognized Texas for his true self and also as her partner, not as a monster or something to be afraid of. Maura Anderson has captured the essence of a love that crosses the boundaries of both paranormal and human while giving us readers a great book to read and one lovers of shape shifters and mystical creatures will fall in love with.

You can read the whole review on the Ecataromance Sensual Blog!


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