Friday, December 14, 2007
Friday Flash Fiction - Calling a Ride
Friday Flash

Calling a Ride
(c) 2007 by Maura Anderson, all rights reserved.

The roar of a motorcycle engine cut through the stillness of the early morning quiet. Hidden by the deep fog, she crawled behind the small boulder near the park entrance. Lena clutched the talisman to her lips, fingers and face so cold she could no longer feel them. But she continued to whisper the foreign words her mother had taught her as soon as she was old enough to memorize them. The words that would summon a dragon to aid her.

Her mother knew this day would come. The day when her mother’s family would find them and try to kill them. All in the name of purity, in the name of bloodlines. The memory of her mother’s broken body tore at her but she couldn’t cry now. She refused to waste that desperate sacrifice. She would grieve later. She would plan her vengeance later.

The deep throb of the motorcycle engine drew closer, now accompanied by the crunch and clatter of tires on the gravel road. What the hell was a biker doing her at this time of day and in this weather? And where was her dragon.

Goddess, please let this work.

The bike was so near now it had to be in the parking lot where her burnt out car sat. The rider cut the engine and the silence seemed stark in comparison. She closed her eyes and chanted the words, putting every bit of energy she had into the call.

“Would you stop, already?” The deep voice spoke from right beside her. Startled, Lena’s eyes shot open and she tried to scramble away from the tall man who stood glowering over her, helmet in hand.

“Who are you? Why did you sneak up on me?” She forced the words out despite her panic. She hadn’t even heard him approach.

He reached a large, hard hand down and effortlessly drug her to her feet by one arm. He was quite a bit taller than her and looked very solid. Lena rejected the instinct to run, there was no way she’d get more than a few feet away.

Muscles clenched in his angular jaw and his almost teal blue eyes narrowed. With a sigh, he tugged her toward the huge motorcycle he’d parked under the dim parking lot light. “You can call me Shayle and I was sent to answer your summons. My family owes yours and I get to make the debt good.”

Despite her fear, she couldn’t help but admire the thick muscles that flowed under the skintight black leathers he wore. He had dark hair, pulled back from his face and bound with criss-crossed leather ties from the nape of his neck to the top of his glorious ass. The silver tips of the ties bounced against the seat of his pants.

As soon as they reached the bike, he yanked another helmet off the seat clip and shoved it at her. “Here, put this on. We need to get out of here.”

She made no motion to take the helmet. “Umm. My mother swore a dragon would come and transport me away to somewhere safe.”

She motioned at the huge machine, almost ridiculous with the amount of chrome, black leather and studs. “This doesn’t look like a dragon. A hog, maybe.”

A snarl escaped the mysterious Shayle. “It’s not a hog or a dragon. It’s a custom.”

He tried to shove the helmet at her again and she backed up a step. “Can’t you just get a dragon to fly me out of here?”

He seemed shocked for a moment, then his strange eyes almost glowed. His voice had an undertone of anger that made Lena instinctively flinch. “No one mounts a dragon but his children or his mate. And you are neither, human.”

This time she took the helmet he held out to her, careful to not touch the razor sharp claws that had appeared from the tips of his fingers.



  1. Oooh, I love this!

  2. Very sexy. Makes me want to imagine what comes next just as a great flash should.

  3. Great story!

  4. You're a damn tease!
    There better be more or I'm siccing Nik on you!

  5. But Maura! I want mmoooooreeeeee!!!! This is great.


  6. Mooooorrrrrrrreeeeeee Please!!

    Oh, this one has so many possibilities! It would be a shame not to realize them to the fullest. Will there be more? Oh, I sure hope so!

    Shayle sounds sexy as hell!

  7. Very nice!!

  8. Nice job, Maura!


  9. Excellent story beginning, Maura! You'd better elaborate and turn this into a full-blown work, because it's far too intriguing to leave as is!

  10. Mooooooorrrrrre!!! Pleeeeeeez! Pretty Please.

    Kim Campbell

  11. Woo what a sexy dragon! I want to know whats next.

    This one HAS to go into "to add to folder" or I'm so getting a hold of Nik. You know how she is with dragons......*BEG*

  12. oh you really SHOULD write this one! That's a great beginning

  13. I love it! Need more. Sending You Big Hugs and Great Job.

  14. Oh Maura...I think I'm in love, or at least deep lust *grins*

    I think you should change Lena to Nikita because you're letting me have Shayle right? Right? Right?

    Wonderful flash Maura!!

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